We are a firm founded predominantly with “HEART”. We do not boast of being the best in town nor do we say that we know it all. On the contrary, the firm was established with people of one mind and one vision and that is to “strive to be the best in every case that we are working on”.

Optimus treats every case/brief that you give to us with “HEART”. Whilst we will never say that our services are cheap, you can be assured that our charges are fair and reasonable. We put our services before price as every case that comes through our door is important, if not equally important, as the next case.

Optimus will never discriminate against its clients, nor will it “look down” on any case, big or small. This is because we serve our clientele with “HONOUR” and “PRIDE”. Our reputation is as important as any well-known or established legal firm, and we intend to keep this intact.